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Adventures at Camp Lots-o-Fun
By author: Marilyn Helmer   Illustrated by: Mike Deas
Selling Points: "summer camp, humor, imagination"
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Nov/01/2010
Lexile Level: 360L
Pages: 64
Fiction Ages 7-9
Price:  $6.95
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DJ looked at the other boys in Cabin Six. Raj, Ernie and Andrew were sprawled on the floor, making their journals. DJ had finished his yesterday. He had also made a monkey mask, a bucket hat and a rock paperweight. He was tired of crafts.
    DJ glanced at the rain-streaked window. Wait a minute. Something yellow peaked through the trees. DJ shot to his feet. "The sun's out!" he shouted.
    Chris opened the door. "Look's like it's clearing up. Get your rain gear, guys. We're going for a hike."

Bad weather, bugs and boredom—DJ and the boys in Camp Lots-o-Fun's cabin six are starting to call it Camp Not-so-Fun. To make matters worse, one of the boys has it in for DJ. But DJ isn't about to let that bother him. His lively imagination and wit ensure there's never a dull moment. A bear in the woods, monsters in the lake and a hermit's ghost make for a week at summer camp that none of the boys in cabin six will soon forget.
Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children's Media - March 1, 2011
"Early chapter-book page-turner about the mayhem and havoc created by one overactive and imaginative bunk-mate during one week at summer camp...If you've ever been to summer camp, there will be at least one thing that sparks your memory, and if you have never been to camp, this will surely pique your interest. Boys will especially get a kick out of this book."
Resource Links - February 1, 2011
"Helmer takes the early chapter book reader through a delightful, adventurous, imaginative, heart-warming trek on a week with the boys of Cabin Six...A story to delight the fan of the outdoors and the summer camper...An excellent recreational reading book, or a classroom read-aloud."
CM Magazine - January 28, 2011
"Many young children will relate to Adventures at Camp Lots-O-Fun. The story touches on many of the fears and worries children have, especially when they are away at camp...Well-written and entertaining for a young reader. The few illustrations give the reader a clear picture about what is really happening in the story. My children and I enjoyed Adventures at Camp Lots-O-Fun. Recommended."
Canadian Children's Book News - January 1, 2011
"Helmer has crafted a rollicking tale. DJ's antics will carry readers along swiftly with lots of chuckles throughout. The pictures by Mike Deas are action-filled and just a bit goofy."


Resource Links "The Year's Best", commended  CA  2011
CCBC Best Books, commended  CA  2012


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