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Behind the Sorcerer's Cloak
By author: Andrea Spalding
Selling Points: "Fantasy, British mythology, Isle of Man"
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Sep/01/2006
Pages: 240
Fiction Ages 8-12
Price:  $8.95
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Holly felt helpless and alone. She was cold and stiff from standing still. The mist closing in was creepy. She peered down the rapidly disappearing track, wondering if she should follow everyone.

"I can't stay here," she mused out loud. "The tide will cut me off." She stepped onto the track.

Her toe kicked a small stone. It rolled before her, black, shiny and perfectly round.

Holly picked it up. It was a bead, a polished jet bead.

The four volumes of Andrea Spalding's Summer of Magic Quartet are among her most exciting work. The White Horse Talisman was nominated for the Silver Birch, Hackmatack and Manitoba Readers' Choice Awards. Dance of the Stones was also a Silver Birch nominee. Heart of the Hill left one of her four characters in grave danger. Now, in Behind the Sorcerer's Cloak, as the Dark Being discovers our planet and takes one of the children hostage, the others must restore the balance between light and dark, but at what cost?
Canadian Book Review Annual - June 15, 2008
"Highly recommended."
CM Magazine - September 29, 2006
"[Andrea Spalding] vividly evokes the ruggedly beautiful setting for this magical tale and weaves the fantastical strands of the story seamlessly into the everyday realities of the children's lives….deserves to be read and savoured. Recommended."


CCBC Our Choice, commended  CA  2007

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