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Beyond Cake and Ice Cream
By authors: Nikki Tate, Dani Tate-Stratton
Selling Points: history, food, ceremonies, family traditions, recipes, gifts, games, growing up, elders, grandparents
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Mar/07/2017
Pages: 80
Nonfiction Ages 9-12
Price:  $24.95
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Inspired by memories of fantastic family birthday parties, mother-and-daughter team Nikki Tate and Dani Tate-Stratton researched the history of birthdays in order to answer such questions as, How much does where you grow up influence the way you celebrate getting a year older? Have people always celebrated birthdays? The more they investigated, the more they realized that there's a lot more to birthdays than cake, presents, a few games and perhaps a goody bag. They discovered there are as many ways to observe birthdays as there are places in which to do it.
Sal's Fiction Addiction - July 18, 2017
"As we have come to expect, the book is beautifully designed, well-researched and will appeal to many. It is sure to inspire new ideas for an upcoming party!"
Quill & Quire - May 23, 2017
"Birthdays: Beyond Cake and Ice Cream is a book that lives up to its title…a volume that will appeal to a range of readers…Written in a style that works for a range of reading levels, from advanced primary-school readers to reluctant secondary-school readers. The colourful photos are eye-catching and support the text…Birthdays is a highly engaging read."
Resource Links - April 15, 2017
"It illuminates so much, so positively, with nuggets of knowledge that many readers love to collect...Birthdays offers a solid resource, and I'd recommend it for classroom and in-school libraries as well as public libraries."
Booklist - February 16, 2017
"The authors...occasionally write in first person, giving the informative text a more personal, chummy tone...[C]olorful photos appear on almost every page of this attractive book."
CM Magazine - February 10, 2017
"The co-authors have done a thorough job of researching historical detail about birthday origins and the evolution of traditions. Photos and sidebars serve well to anticipate reader questions or extend the learning beyond what's in the main text...Some lesser known information is of particular interest...Photos are well-chosen, clear and nicely integrated with the text...Birthdays: Beyond Cake and Ice Cream is a valuable addition to the series in which several more titles are planned."
Kirkus Reviews - January 15, 2017
"The color photos are excellent, and the text is well-researched...a useful book."


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