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Black Dog Dream Dog
By author: Michelle Superle   Illustrated by: Millie Balance
Selling Points: Love, helping those in need, illness, old age
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Pub Date: Oct/01/2011
Pages: 143
Fiction Ages 9-12
Price:  $12.95
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Sam finds a big black dog in her backyard. She wants to keep him, but she can't let her mother find out. So she hides him in the shed. Meanwhile, Stella wakes up in a strange room after having had a stroke. She can't move and she can't talk. So how can she ask what happened to her dog? This is a story about a magical dog who changes Sam's life in ways she could never have dreamed.
Resource Links - June 1, 2011
"A gently story full of friendship, choices and trust...Black Dog Dream Dog is a treasure...This novel would be a wonderful read to any young girl."
The School Librarian - June 1, 2011
"[The story is] woven together in a gently-paced, convincing way. Stella's fight to communicate is described particularly well...A charming story for the 8+ age range."


Chocolate Lily nominee, short-listed  CA  2012
Hackmatack Children's Choice Award nominee, short-listed  CA  2012

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