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Bubba Begonia and the Bully
By author: Gerry O'Brien
Selling Points: "bullying, school, humor"
Publisher: Acorn Press
Pub Date: Mar/15/2014
Pages: 80
Fiction Ages 4-8
Price:  $8.95
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It's the first day of school, and Bubba Begonia feels great. Then—SPLAT! Bubba meets his new classmate, Stinky Biggs. He also meets a stalking crow, a pair of puppets who speak Wabatawbee, a skunk named Chiclet, a Flying Bag of Doom and a dog with gas.

He accidently robs a bank, is called a hero and is given a reward. He has the worst birthday party ever, sees his favorite teacher dripping with egg, buys a wedding cake that tastes like "looove," saves a bully's butt and nearly ends up in the slammer.

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