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Caged Eagles
By author: Eric Walters
Selling Points: "World War II, Japanese internment, military, racism"
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Jan/01/2001
Lexile Level: 650
Pages: 260
Fiction Ages 12+
Price:  $10.95
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Desperately I looked around for a way out. We couldn't get over the fence. The strands of barbed wire on top of it would rip us to shreds. Behind it, in the distance, the baseball game was going on. Why couldn't I have been there? The only way was the street...we'd have to dodge the cars. I took a step toward the street, but Sam put a hand on my shoulder.

"Nope," he said, shaking his head. "We're not running any farther."

"But...but...we can't fight them...we can't win," I stammered.

"We can't win, but we're going to fight them. Get rid of this," Sam said as he pulled the "I Am Chinese" button off my shirt and then took off his and stuffed them both in his pocket. "Cover my back and I'll cover yours."

They came forward slowly. They knew there was no place to go.

When Canada went to war with Japan following the bombing of Pearl Harbour, Canadians of Japanese descent were declared "Enemy Aliens." Without recourse of any kind, they were forced to leave their homes along with the British Columbia coast, their possessions were sold, and their rights as citizens denied. Caged Eagles follows fourteen-year-old Tadashi Fukushima and his family as they embark on a tortuous physical and emotional journey. Along with neighbours from their remote village on the northern BC coast, they travel by fishing boat to Vancouver, where they are placed in detention in Hastings Park, the Pacific National Exhibition ground, and forced to live in cattle stalls. For Tadashi detention becomes both an adventure and a dilemma as he struggles to understand the undercurrents of racism and injustice that have overtaken his life and those of his community.

Caged Eagles is the sequel to War of the Eagles, winner of the prestigious Ruth Schwartz Children's Book Award and a CLA Honor Book.

VOYA - February 1, 2001
"What begins with a poignant scene in which a small, seven-year-old child asks her brother which of her dolls to pack...ends with an equally compelling vignette."
Alan Review - January 1, 2001
"An excellent book for a middle grades reader, it is perfect as a companion to a social studies unit to explore a new historical perspective of the second World War."
Resource Links - January 1, 2001
"This novel is a moving account of one family's struggle to understand the injustice that has overtaken their lives and the racism that has imprisoned their community. Walters successfully captures the fear and uncertainty of the time."
"Walters's careful explanation of historical events and sensitive narration of the Fukushima family's story predominate to make Caged Eagles a memorable reading experience."
Booklist - December 1, 2000
"[Walters's] fast-paced novel avoids heavy-handed moralizing as it portrays the internment of Japanese Canadians during World War II."
CM Magazine - September 22, 2000
"Walters successfully combines history, adventure, and social criticism in Caged Eagles while providing young readers a glimpse into Canada's past and a chance to consider serious issues inherent in any complex, multicultural society." "Highly recommended."
The Globe and Mail - June 24, 2000
"Subtle and powerful."
Quill & Quire - June 1, 2000
"Earns a place in both history and English classrooms."


ALA Best Books for Young Adults, long-listed  US  2002
CCBC Our Choice, commended  CA  2001
CLA Book of the Year for Children nominee, short-listed  CA  2001
PSLA Top Forty, commended  US  2000
UNESCO Children's Book Prize nominee, runner-up  US  2003

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