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Casey Little, Yo-Yo Queen
By author: Nancy Belgue
Selling Points: Fears, magic, yo-yos, horses
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Sep/01/2005
Pages: 128
Fiction Ages 8-11
Price:  $5.95
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Casey flattened herself against the side of the house. "Shhh!" she said. She beckoned to Mickey.

He crept forward.

"Look!" Casey said.

Mickey craned his neck around Casey's shoulder and stared.

A big striped tent filled Mrs. Lombardi's backyard.

Casey and Mickey stared so hard at the tent they didn't even hear the footsteps.

A shadow snaked over them and onto the grass.

Hello, children," said a mysterious voice.

Casey will have to do a lot of pet-sitting to earn the money she needs to buy Lightning, a beloved horse. Her hopes of buying Lightning are dashed when she learns that his owner has found a buyer and must sell the horse immediately. Across the street from Casey's house a mystery unfolds as a seldom-seen woman who seems to be able to read minds prepares to host a carnival and a yo-yo contest that boasts a $1500 prize. Casey's yo-yo is buried in her closet. She has a great talent and a greater case of stage fright.
Canadian Book Review Annual - June 15, 2008
"Charming, intriguing, and fun to read. Recommended."
by: Deborah Mervold, CM Magazine - March 3, 2006
3*** out of 4


Silver Birch nominee, short-listed  CA  2007


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