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By author: Kim McCullough
Publisher: Coteau Books
Pub Date: Nov/15/2014
Pages: 248
Adult Fiction
Price:  $19.95
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Claire Sullivan quickly settles in to her new home at Clearwater Lake, especially once she befriends Jeff Carson, a quiet mixed-race loner who lives with his parents in the other half of the Sullivans’ duplex. Together, the teens roam the wild, isolated beauty of the nearby lakeshore and forest, forging a deep friendship based on loyalty and trust.

As peaceful as things seem on the surface, Claire and Jeff are both battling powerful undercurrents at home. Claire worries that her sister, Leah, who has been sexually assaulted, is sinking into a drug-fuelled depression, while Jeff finds it difficult to stand firm in the face of his father’s increasingly brutal temper.

When tragedy strikes, Claire and Jeff are separated and set adrift. Years later, a chance meeting first reopens old wounds, but ultimately allows Claire and Jeff to return to Clearwater Lake, and make another try at acceptance, and maybe happiness.
by: Joseph Boyden - September 1, 2013
“Kim McCullough writers with such clarity and grace that the reader doesn’t so much enter these at-once-familiar-yet-foreign worlds as slips into them”

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