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Cyrus Eaton
Champion for Peace
Illustrated by: Richard Rudnicki
Selling Points: biography, peace, social justice, Nobel Prize, morality, justice, Cyrus Eaton, Nova Scotia, Great Depression
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Pub Date: Oct/15/2016
Pages: 40
Nonfiction Ages 7-12
Price:  $19.95
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Growing up in rural Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Cyrus Eaton never dreamed he'd become a Nobel Peace Prize-winning billionaire. With fifteen full-color illustrations, the book takes young readers through pastoral scenes of early-twentieth-century Nova Scotia and the Great Depression to midcentury New York and beyond, ending with Eaton's international peace movement based at Pugwash's renowned Thinkers Lodge. Provoking discussion about the importance of peace, morality and justice, Cyrus Eaton: Champion for Peace will introduce a new generation to the industrious pacifist who helped make the world a safer place.

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