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Dance of the Stones
By author: Andrea Spalding
Selling Points: "Fantasy, series"
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Jan/01/2003
Pages: 192
Fiction Ages 8-12
Price:  $7.95
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The third sunbeam shot its magical light into a valley. There towered a stone circle, great gray stones veiled in morning mist. The golden beam lit the dew-covered grass.

The tide of light flooded and washed each Sarsen Stone. The Stones were ready. As gray became gold, the largest stone spun on its axis, then stood sentinel as before. The dawn magic happened quickly, without witness. That was to change.

Four ordinary children were about to be called to The Circle.

In Dance of the Stones, Chantel, Adam, Holly and Owen are eager to begin the next stage of their adventure. "The Stones have stirred," Ava, Hawkwoman and Wise One, tell Owen, "The time is near for the Circle Dance." The stones are the ancient stone circle of Avebury in England. But the Dark Being approaches, and her servant, a wraith, blocks the children's progress. When Ava is hurt, the children are thrown back on their own resources. They must discover the ritual that will release the circlet. Each child has a part to play in finding the circlet and holding back the Dark Being.

Andrea Spalding's modern day characters jump off the page; Dance of the Stones, rich with legend, provides all that fantasy-lovers hunger for and lures also those who simply like a good tale, well told. Andrea traveled to Avebury to research her story, ensuring that all the historical and geographical details are correct.

Dance of the Stones is the second of four books in The Summer of Magic Quartet.
Book one is The White Horse Talisman.
Book three is Heart of the Hill.
Book four is Behind the Sorcerer's Cloak.


CCBC Our Choice, commended  CA  2004
Chocolate Lily nominee, short-listed  CA  2005
Red Cedar nominee, short-listed  CA  2006
Silver Birch nominee, short-listed  CA  2004

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