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Dragon Tide
By author: Ingrid Lee   Illustrated by: Soizick Meister
Selling Points: "Sand sculptures, magic, dragons"
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Mar/01/2006
Pages: 32
Picture Book
Price:  $17.95
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It was early morning. A stranger knelt by the edge of the sea, scooping armfuls of dark wet sand into a pile. Every so often she leaned back and hunched her shoulders. It was hard work.

Soon the sun drew others to the beach. Two children ran past the girl, peppering her skin with sand. They cried out when the cold surf stung their feet.

The girl packed the sand down gently, leaving palm prints in the hill that rippled beneath her fingers. She cupped and coaxed the sand. Suddenly a sleepy eye stared back. When the children turned to look, it winked at them lazily.

They blinked.

A girl and a boy watch a stranger build a dragon in the sand.
The dragon must wait for the night tide to set it free. But there is danger on the beach. As the sea crawls closer, other children come. They jump and play and the dragon begins to dissolve beneath their feet. The boy and the girl must keep the dragon safe until the sea can free him.
TUSD - March 6, 2007
"Children who have visited the beach will enjoy this fanciful book."
Resource Links - April 1, 2006
"Lee's language is poetic and playful." "An interesting and visually appealing book, suitable for sharing one-on-one."
CM Magazine - March 17, 2006
"An enjoyable book, well told and well illustrated. Something to read at bedtime: for happy dreams of dragons being brought to life."


Chocolate Lily nominee, short-listed  CA  2007

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