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Epic Game
By author: William Kowalski
Selling Points: fiction, female character, online poker, professional poker, unconventional family, guardian
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Mar/08/2016
Fry Reading Level: 2.2
Pages: 144
Adult Fiction
Price:  $9.95
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Kat is a tough, independent woman who makes her living as a professional poker player. She is single, childless and happy about it. But when her best friend, Josie, commits suicide, she names Kat as the temporary guardian of her ten-year-old son, David, until his father can come for him. In the few weeks that David is with her, Kat finds herself changed in ways she had never thought imaginable. With the old poker adage “bet with your head, not your heart” ringing in her head like a warning bell, Kat nevertheless finds that all the money and success in the world don’t mean a thing unless you have someone to share it with…and that maybe there is more to life than winning after all.
Atlantic Books Today - October 14, 2016
"The action and the dialogue carry the tale, easily and well...Epic Game is a quick and fun read."
VOYA Magazine - April 1, 2016
“A quick realistic fiction story about how even the best laid plans can change.”
Kirkus Review - January 1, 2016
"An agreeable journey with a smart, sassy heroine who's not nearly as tough as she likes to think she is."
CM Magazine - December 18, 2015
"Kowalski creates a believable character in Kat. In a world filled with social media and on-line gaming, a young professional poker player is fitting with the times. Kowalski challenges Kat and her beliefs, and, at the same time, forces readers to question their own values. Hidden beneath this simple story, Kowalski demands that Kat re-examine her life choices, and with this exploration, readers are also challenged. A good read. Highly Recommended."


Golden Oak , short-listed  CA  2017


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