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Fearless Female Journalists
By author: Joy Crysdale
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pub Date: Apr/01/2010
Pages: 128
Nonfiction Ages 8-14
Price:  $10.95
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This book tells the inspiring stories of ten women, in all types of journalism, who put themselves at risk to do their jobs. Put all together, their lives also tell the story of journalism itself, its importance to society and the struggle that the women in this field have gone through to do the work that they love and to provide an essential service to society. In an age when many young people's experience of journalism is limited to celebrity gossip and sports scores, Fearless Female Journalists demonstrates the essential role that these women have played, by telling the stories of just a few of those who are willing to stand up to ridicule, make personal sacrifices and even, in some cases, lose their lives to tell the stories that need to be told.
Canadian Children's Book News - August 1, 2011
"Well-written and compelling...This is a great series that should continue to find a place in every school collection."
Resource Links - October 1, 2010
"The chapters...are well written and interesting and will provide readers with enough of a taste to encourage them to expand their reading...Recommended."
CM Magazine - September 10, 2010
"Crysdale smoothly integrates into the body of the text definitions and explanations of critical vocabulary and concepts unfamiliar to younger readers…Gives readers a new or renewed appreciation of women who have shaped the world in many exceptional ways…May 'The Women's Hall of Fame Series' continue to sound out the unsung heroines. Recommended."


ALA Amelia Bloomer List, commended  US  2011
CCBC Best Books, commended  CA  2011

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