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Fly Away
By author: Nora Rock
Selling Points: "competitive cheerleading, friendship, leadership, loyalty"
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Sep/01/2010
Lexile Level: HL610L
Fry Reading Level: 3.9
Pages: 192
Fiction Ages 10+
Price:  $9.95
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"I wonder," I said quietly, mustering every ounce of courage that I had, "whether setting a vicious dog on two young girls is the kind of dangerous act that might make a judge rethink a bail order."
    Benedict slid his chair back with a squeal. "I don't have to listen to this," he said. "You girls are treading a fine line. Very fine. One little push, and who knows where you'll fall."
    "Oh," I said, "don't worry about us. We're cheerleaders. We have very good balance."

After a member of her competitive cheerleading team is injured in practice, sixteen-year-old Marnie is asked to be a flyer-the most coveted role in cheerleading. The Soar Starlings team has a real shot at the provincial championship, and Marnie has only a few weeks to prepare. But as she scrambles to polish her lifts and throws, Marnie's personal life begins to unravel. First, her boyfriend of two years breaks up with her, and then her best friend Arielle, captain of the Starlings, disappears during a team trip to Toronto.
As Marnie struggles to adjust to being both a flyer and the team's new captain, she realizes that, to be a leader, you have to let go of old alliances to make room in your life for new ones.
School Library Journal - April 1, 2011
"Fly Away features an interesting and different subplot revolving around Marnie's best friend's decision to drop out of her final semester of high school to focus on an art career...The book offers up few easy answers, leaving some issues to be resolved in readers' own minds. This short novel will appeal to reluctant readers and enthusiasts of nontraditional sports."
Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children's Media - April 1, 2011
"[An] enjoyable read...aimed at teen audiences, [and] written at a level accessible to most students. I can't recommend the Orca series' enough."
Teen Space Blog - November 4, 2010
"An AMAZING book... must read!"
CM Magazine - October 22, 2010
"The novel will appeal to younger girl readers, especially those interested in cheerleading…Readers will identify with Marnie's struggles to fit in with the squad and her struggle to be a leader and assume the role of team captain in Arielle's absence."
Booklist Online - October 21, 2010
"The mystery is timely and fast paced."


Junior Library Guild Selection, commended  US  2011


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