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History in the Faking
By author: Andreas Oertel
Selling Points: Ancient Egypt, hieroglyphics, practical jokes, mischief, friendship
Publisher: Heritage House Publishing
Pub Date: Oct/17/2015
Pages: 224
Fiction Ages 9-12
Price:  $9.95
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Life is getting more dismal by the minute in the tiny town of Sultana. The tourists are gone, business is slow, and if it gets any slower, Eric and Rachel’s family will be forced to move away. Luckily, Eric, Rachel, and their friend Cody have a plan to transform this sleepy town into a hotbed of activity. In an elaborate hoax that makes headlines and sends archaeologists and tourists flocking to Sultana, the kids orchestrate the discovery of an “ancient Egyptian” tablet in a local riverbed. But sometimes the best-laid plans work out a little too well. How are the three friends going to explain their way out of this one?

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