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Orca is a publisher of high quality, award-winning books for children and teens and reluctant readers of all ages. From beautifully illustrated picture books through captivating juvenile fiction and compelling novels for teen readers to professionally-written teachers' guides, Orca is dedicated to bringing the best possible books to young readers.

Middle Reader Nonfiction:

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Because I Am a Girl

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By authors: Rosemary McCarney, Jen Albaugh,
ISBN: 9781927583449
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 72
Price:  $16.95
Because I Am a Girl
Birchtown and the Black Loyalists

Qty:  Add Birchtown and the Black Loyalists to Cart
By author: Wanda Lauren Taylor
ISBN: 9781771081665
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Pages: 80
Price:  $15.95
A children’s book about Nova Scotia’s Black settlement of Birchtown.
Birchtown and the Black Loyalists
Birding for Kids

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By authors: Damon Calderwood, Donald E. Waite
ISBN: 9781772031973
Publisher: Heritage House Publishing
Pages: 96
Price:  $14.95
A full-color field guide that teaches kids the fun, safe and educational way to observe birds in their natural habitat.
Birding for Kids
Bobbie Rosenfeld

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By author: Anne Dublin
ISBN: 9781896764825
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 148
Price:  $14.95
Bobbie Rosenfeld
Broken Pieces

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By author: Allison Lawlor
ISBN: 9781771085151
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Pages: 80
Price:  $17.95
Follow a fourteen-year-old girl through postexplosion Halifax. Based on a true story!
Broken Pieces
Children of the Titanic

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By author: Christine Welldon
ISBN: 9781551098920
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Pages: 92
Price:  $14.95
On the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the sinking, Children of the Titanic provides a richly illustrated, detailed look at this historic event and at a way of travel unfamiliar to most children today.
Children of the Titanic
City Critters

Qty:  Add City Critters to Cart
By author: Nicholas Read
ISBN: 9781554693948
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 144
Price:  $19.95
An entertaining and informative look at the many wild animals that share the North American urban environment.
City Critters
Creation Through Colour

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By authors: H.E. Stewart, Sarah Stewart
ISBN: 9780994989208
Publisher: Tudor House
Pages: 64
Price:  $13.95
A unique and imaginative colouring book to encourage creativity and an understanding of nature.
Creation Through Colour
Cyrus Eaton

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Illustrated by: Richard Rudnicki
ISBN: 9781771083966
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Pages: 40
Price:  $19.95
This picture book tells the true story of the Nobel Prize-winning businessman and pacifist Cyrus Eaton.
Cyrus Eaton
Double Take

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By author: Nikki Tate
ISBN: 9781550391626
Publisher: Sono Nis Press
Pages: 160
Price:  $12.95
Double Take

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