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Molly's Promise
By author: Sylvia Olsen
Selling Points: singing, competition, friendship, family, absent parent, First Nations, indigenous
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Apr/01/2013
Pages: 136
Fiction Ages 8-11
Price:  $7.95
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When Molly learns a talent competition is coming to town, her friend Murphy (A Different Game, Murphy and Mousetrap) becomes her manager. Molly is certain she is a good singer—she has been singing in her head for as long as she can remember. She doesn't sing out loud because of a promise she made to herself. Years ago, Molly vowed that her mom would be the first one to hear her sing. The only problem is, Molly knows nothing about her mom, who left when Molly was a baby. With the talent competition only weeks away, she has to decide whether to break her promise to herself and let her voice out into the world, or wait for her mother's uncertain return before singing for anyone else.
School Library Journal - May 1, 2013
"In this small book with a lot of story packed into it, readers will enjoy the high drama...[and] relate to Molly’s uncertainty as she tries something completely new."
Resource Links - April 1, 2013
"An accessible, easy-to-read text with surprising depth...Deals quietly with issues like race, class, various kinds of sickness, and how families differ. The novel should generate lots of conversation in a class or reading group...A smart selection for anyone who has ever struggled with a secret or worried about being different. It's also an inspiring story of a girl who's learning to get along despite difficult circumstances. Many readers will identify with and enjoy Molly's story."
CM Magazine - February 22, 2013
"An elementary school audience [will be able to] relate to Molly's struggles...Recommended."


SYRCA Diamond Willow nominee, short-listed  CA  2014


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