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Native Elders: Sharing Their Wisdom
By authors: Kim Sigafus, Lyle Ernst
Selling Points: "elders, traditional life in the past, lessons for today"
Publisher: 7th Generation
Pub Date: May/24/2014
Pages: 112
Nonfiction 12-16
Price:  $9.95
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In Indigenous cultures, elders serve as a bridge across time: they are connected to the past, they live in the present and they offer wisdom for the future. In these fascinating biographical essays, twelve First Nation and Native American elders share stories from their lives and tell what it was like to live in a time before television, cell phones and video games. Their stories explain how their humble childhoods shaped the adults they became and the lessons they share as elders. All the elders profiled work to ensure that their Native culture is passed down to members of their tribe.

Settle in with this book and "listen" to the stories of these elders' lives. As you take in their history, you just might gain wisdom that could make a difference in your own life.
VOYA - October 1, 2014
"An excellent addition to this series and a nice addition to school libraries’ nonfiction collections. It is recommended for public, middle, and high school libraries."

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