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Night Boy
By author: Anne Laurel Carter   Illustrated by: Ninon Pelletier
Selling Points: Astronomy, the night sky, siblings
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Apr/01/2012
Pages: 32
Picture Book
Price:  $19.95
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A prince, Night arrives at a star-spangled palace,
Swirling his cape of aurora borealis.
He fires off comets; then a voice stops his show.
It's loud and commanding—a voice he should know.

"Stop playing!" Day shouts from far across space.
"I'll meet you at home. Come on, it's a race!"
And that's when he finally remembers their game.
He forgot to find Day. Each night it's the same!

Night is a boy who knows it's much more fun to play than go to sleep. When the sun sets, he travels through the night sky in a spaceship with his teddy. Night's favorite game is hide-and-go-seek, which he plays each evening with his older sister, Day. But why can't he ever find her?

Night Boy is a unique playful picturebook about a brother and a sister named Night and Day. The rhythmic text and rich illustrations make for a bedtime story that is sure to lull children who say "I can't sleep" into dreamland. Through the personas of a brother and sister, Night Boy offers a unique explanation of how night turns to day astronomically.
Tacoma School District #10 - November 30, 2013
"A very cute story that is interspersed with outer space facts."
Southwestern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group - May 15, 2012
"An interesting book that introduces the concept of night turning into day...The lyrical story has a wonderful vocabulary that imparts information in a unique way. The illustrations by Ninon Pelletier are outstanding and are a great visual aid to the concepts presented."
Montreal Review of Books - April 1, 2012
"What better story to tell at bedtime than one that ends with a young child tucked cozily between the covers, fast asleep?...Pelletier uses rich shades of deep blue to depict the night sky filled with glimmering stars and there are some interesting opportunities here for parents to introduce their children to facts about the celestial skies."
Quill & Quire - April 1, 2012
"Carter uses bouncy rhyming verse to tell the tale of a nightly game of hide-and-seek between Princess Day and her little brother, Prince Night...Pelletier's illustrations feature rich colours, exaggerated, cartoon-like characters, and sweet whimsical details...A great choice for bedtime-averse kids and for aspiring stargazers. Many galactic favourites make an appearance, including the Orion and Pegasus constellations, the aurora borealis, and the North Star, providing a jumping-off point for discussions of basic astronomy. The story ends gently, as the best bedtime stories do, with the promise of another game tomorrow."
Resource Links - April 1, 2012
"Told in rhyming verse, the rhythm is jaunty and the language is imaginative. Fun as a read-aloud, this book could also be used to introduce astronomy to young students."
CM Magazine - February 17, 2012
"There is an unmistakable magic to this story. It's a book full of big ideas, wrapped into a simple story that readers can understand and enjoy... An imaginative look at what happens after the sun goes down and showcases how, even in the darkness of space, happiness and fun can abound. This cute story will appeal to a variety of readers and will make a nice addition to picture book collections. Highly Recommended."

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