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Oak Island
and the Search for Buried Treasure
By author: Joann Hamilton-Barry
Selling Points: adventure, buried treasure, pirates, history, Oak Island, exploring, Knights Templar, Blackbeard
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Pub Date: Feb/01/2016
Pages: 88
Nonfiction Ages 7-10
Price:  $15.95
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Are Shakespeare’s lost manuscripts buried deep in the notorious Money Pit? Do booby traps conceal the Holy Grail of the Knights Templar or Blackbeard’s pirate loot? The mystery of Oak Island’s rumored treasure has stumped explorers and researchers for over two hundred years.

In this fascinating nonfiction account, librarian Joann Hamilton-Barry introduces young readers to the treasures rumored to be hidden on Nova Scotia’s famous question-mark-shaped island.

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