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Pierre's Friends
Illustrated by: Andrea Beck   By author: Andrea Beck
Selling Points: friendship, generosity, caring
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Oct/01/2010
Pages: 32
Picture Book
Price:  $19.95
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On their third day in Paris, Miss Murphy said, "I'm sorry to leave you again, Pierre. Today is my only chance to visit the Louvre Museum. The poodle show is tonight, and tomorrow we leave."

Enough, thought Pierre.

The moment the door closed, he slipped under the balcony railing, slid down a cafe awning and leapt to the street below.

Pierre, a pampered pooch, misses his friends, Sparky and Lou. But how will he ever find them? They live in a park on the other side of town. Pierre has a plan, and one afternoon while Miss Murphy naps, he slips out of their apartment and sets off to bring his friends home. Along the way, Pierre meets Old Wheezer and remembers Miss Murphy's words, Dogs and people belong together. In the end, Pierre helps find a loving home for everyone.
BookLinx - January 30, 2012
"A sweet story...[with] a gentle ending that encourages helping others...The dog lovers in my class loved this book."
The Horn Book Guide - April 1, 2011
"The economical storytelling and calm illustrations of city dogs with adult owners are satisfying."
Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children's Media - February 1, 2011
"Irresistible Pierre Le Poof pounces through the pages with single-minded purpose to populate his life with fellow friends Sparky and Lou...This is a very sweet tale of the lost and the found, whoever and wherever they might be. Happy dog illustrations abound."
School Library Journal - December 1, 2010
"The author has created a safe, child-friendly world…The cartoon illustrations, done with watercolor, pen, and pastels, reflect the gentle, upbeat nature of the tale."
Resource Links - December 1, 2010
"Children will enjoy Beck's soft-hued, warm illustrations of the energetic Pierre and his pals...This story could tie in with a study of the basic needs of animals and people: food, shelter, love. It could be related to being socially responsible and thinking about others in the community."
CM Magazine - October 29, 2010
"A gentle story of a tender hearted pup who, in seeking to assuage his own loneliness, discovers others' greater needs and takes steps to resolve them…Recommended."
Kirkus Reviews - October 1, 2010
"The brown, bouffant-ed Pierre is appealing, and his desire to rescue friends in need is undeniably praiseworthy."


CCBC Best Books, commended  CA  2012

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