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Riot Act
By author: Diane Tullson
Selling Points: Responsibility, peer pressure, identity
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Apr/01/2012
Fry Reading Level: 2.6
Pages: 128
Fiction Ages 12+
Price:  $9.95
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Black smoke bites my lungs. I gasp to get a breath. As I turn away from the police car, there's a whooshing sound and flames spill from the broken windows. People scramble back from the heat. It feels like my jersey is on fire, but it's not. The torched car, the cheering crowd; it's awful and scary and weirdly fun, like we're in a virtual world. But the smoke is real—very real—and all rules are off.

How often do you get to see a car tipped or stores looted? Seventeen-year-old Daniel gets caught up in a post-game riot, and then he and his best friend escape police by breaking into a store. They only intend to cut through to the alley, but rioters follow and trash the place. Daniel prevents an arsonist from torching the store; the next day he's a hero while his friend is outed as a rioter. Can Daniel save face, and will it cost him his friend?
School Library Journal - November 1, 2012
"This fast-paced, slim novel is a disturbing but ultimately satisfying story that will surely spark discussion."
NJ Youth Services - October 18, 2012
"The riot scenes [are] tightly written and really convey a sense of danger and urgency. Teens looking for a fast read will find it here."
Tri State YA Book Review Committee - September 1, 2012
"The pace moves along quickly, the sentences are short, and the characters are realistic...The writing is terse but lyrical, easy to read and compelling."
Southwest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries (SWON) - July 7, 2012
"This quick read will appeal to reluctant readers. It is fast paced and interesting. This story reveals how quickly things can get out of hand and end up in a full blown riot."
NMRLS Youth Services Book Review Group - July 1, 2012
"Very fast-paced, action-filled, likable believable characters—and well written."
Booklist - June 1, 2012
"Inspired by the 2011 Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver, this slim Orca Soundings volume raises hefty questions about human nature...Tullson punctuates the action-packed drama with short, spare narration that maintains tension throughout. Reluctant readers in particular will appreciate the effect as well as the arresting subject matter."
Southwest Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group - May 24, 2012
"This short, easy-read, high-interest novel is for teens in grades 9-12. The topic and storyline will hold the interest of teenagers."
Resource Links - April 1, 2012
"The reality check this story provides will have most readers questioning their own behaviour and that of their peer group. The more subtle but equally important message about the building of strong families and working hard at your job will send quiet reverberations through readers' lives. The dialogue is excellent, revealing character and moving the action along...Bravo to Orca and to Tullson for addressing these timely and eternal themes in such a riveting fashion."
CM Magazine - March 2, 2012
"Tullson skillfully navigates themes of forgiveness, mob mentality, and redemption, in this short but poignant addition to the Orca Soundings book series. Riot Act is the story of young people caught up in events beyond their control, but who must take responsibility both for what they did—no matter how small in relation to the misdeeds of others—and what they did not do. The events are told realistically, mirroring the actual events of the Vancouver post-game riots in 2011, with text even describing images in newspapers and actual recorded events...A fast-paced, plausible, and satisfying read that teens will likely enjoy and learn from."


CCBC Best Books starred selection, commended  CA  2012
TriState YA Review Group Book of Note, commended  US  2013


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