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Room Enough for Daisy
By authors: Debby Waldman, Rita Feutl   Illustrated by: Cindy Revell
Selling Points: Judaica, gratitude, sharing, Mitzvah Day
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Oct/01/2011
Pages: 32
Picture Book
Price:  $19.95
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Daisy dumped the quilt on her bed and flopped on top. Life was so unfair. Her best friend, Amanda, had a huge bedroom with a closet bigger than Daisy's entire room. Daisy's parents had the biggest room in the house. She was trying to figure out how to convince them to trade rooms, when her mother appeared in the doorway. Her face was hidden behind an enormous box.
    "This is a special box," Mom said.
    "What's so special about it?" Daisy asked.
    Mom opened the box with a flourish. "This box will make your room bigger."

Daisy has more toys than she knows what to do with. In this story, inspired by an Eastern European folktale about a house that's too small, Daisy thinks she needs a bigger bedroom for all the gifts on her birthday list. Her clever mom helps her realize less is more, and Daisy decides to donate many of her things to a Mitzvah Day rummage sale. In the process, Daisy learns about sharing and the satisfaction that comes from choosing what's important.
Jewish Book World - June 1, 2012
[Starred review]"This picture book skillfully tackles the topic of children who want more and more 'stuff.'...Colorful digitally painted illustrations in bright tones outlined in black depict the clutter without overwhelming, and Daisy is cute and expressive with her wide freckled face and pigtails. In a culture that decrees that having more is being more, it is refreshing to find a book that broaches the topic of over-consumption as well as the idea of giving back."
January Magazine, Best Books of 2011 - December 16, 2011
"Bright and bold and perfectly engaging. For a book in this format, there is a lot of text and a very well-spun story. There's lots going on here and many reasons for readers aged four to eight to return...The moral here is present but not overwhelming and the illustrations are colorful, bright and offer young readers lots to look at. This is a very good book for young children in every way."
CM Magazine - December 9, 2011
"Teach[es] us to declutter and make room for what is really important in our lives...The pictures here are bright and lively...Recommended."
School Library Journal - December 1, 2011
"Great for discussions about greed, entitlement, and charity."
Edmonton Jewish News - November 1, 2011
"A delightful and inspiring picture book...The story provides plenty of topics for discussion with young children, including how to donate and recycle unwanted items, learning to appreciate what you have and [that] more is not always better...Colourful and whimsical illustrations will capture the interest and imagination of children of all ages."
Quill & Quire - October 1, 2011
"A wonderful aid for teaching the concept of 'less is more.' Waldman and Feutl imbue the story with a light tone, powerful message, and realistic characters. Revell's illustrations, done in the same colourful, folk-art style as previous collaborations with Waldman...are a treat for the eyes. Readers will enjoy returning to Daisy's busy room and discovering details missed the first time around."
Resource Links - October 1, 2011
"A picture book which shows how living with less can benefit an individual and a community."
Kirkus Reviews - August 31, 2011
"Provide[s] plenty of topics for discussion, including how to donate and recycle unwanted items, learning to appreciate what you have and more is not always better."

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