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Sam's Ride
By author: Becky Citra   Illustrated by: Amy Meissner
Selling Points: "Courage, family, horses"
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Nov/01/2009
Lexile Level: 510L
Pages: 64
Fiction Ages 7-9
Price:  $6.95
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Bolt burst into a trot. Sam's heart jumped down his throat. Up and down, up and down, he bounced in the saddle. His feet flew out of the stirrups. The fence and then barn and Grandpa flashed by.

"Whoa!" yelled Sam. "Whoa!"

Grandpa stepped in front of Bolt. He grabbed the reins and pulled Bolt to a stop.

Sam took a huge breath. "I'm getting off!" he said.

He slid off the horse. It was a long way to the ground. His legs wobbled. He thought Grandpa would be disgusted with him.

But Grandpa looked pleased.

"Not bad for your first time," he said.

Sam, a seven-year-old boy, is devastated when his mother leaves him for two weeks on his grandfather's ranch. Grandpa has a lot of rules, and Sam isn't happy about having to stay with him. But Sam's time on the ranch isn't all bad. He learns to ride a horse and also discovers some surprising things about his father, who died when Sam was a baby. When Sam is forced to overcome his fear of riding in order to help rescue Grandpa, Sam grows to appreciate both his grandpa and life on the ranch.
Tacoma School District #10 - January 5, 2012
"Filled with chapter headings, sketches, and a simple storyline. A great addition for an emerging reader!"


Bank Street College of Education Best Children's Books of the Year, commended  US  2010
CCBC Best Books starred selection, commended  CA  2011


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