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Sea Change
By author: Diane Tullson
Selling Points: survival, crime, adventure
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Oct/01/2010
Lexile Level: HL620L
Fry Reading Level: 3.1
Pages: 128
Fiction Ages 12+
Price:  $9.95
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She drops the rifle to her shoulder. "Like I'd let you run around the forest with a loaded gun." She aims the rifle at the ground, and it occurs to me she's going to fire it. She thinks it is unloaded because that's how she keeps the gun, but I'm thinking about the cartridge I loaded, and I can't get the words out in time. She squeezes the trigger.

Lucas and his father are not close. In fact they hardly see each other, which is just fine with Lucas. When he travels to the remote fishing lodge his father manages, Lucas is left once again, this time with a lodge worker, a girl named Sumi. She makes it pretty clear that Lucas is on his own. But she does take him fishing and seems to be warming up to him. Then, in a horrible sequence of misjudgments, Sumi is shot in the foot. With no radio and no phone, Lucas and Sumi are truly alone. Fog rolls over the islands and it's up to Lucas to get Sumi to medical help, a day's journey by boat up the inlet.
The Deakin Review of Children's Literature - October 1, 2012
"A well-written and entertaining story which will hold the attention of the reluctant teenage male reader. Sea Change would be a good addition both public and junior high and high school libraries."
Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children's Media - September 1, 2011
"Teens will relate to the tension between Lucas and his father."
The Horn Book Guide - April 1, 2011
"[A] fast-paced, plot-driven novel."
Resource Links - February 1, 2011
"[There is a] consistent quality of writing in these Orca Soundings books....and their messages withstand their own edgy currency. For readers in a ruthlessly visual age, this is no mean accomplishment."
Tri State YA Book Review Committee - January 1, 2011
"The story is exciting and will hold the attention of the reader...A good story for middle school students or struggling readers in high school."
CM Magazine - September 24, 2010
"Tullson has really captured the teen voice, and her main characters are ones that teens will connect to and understand. Sea Change is a fast paced tale of how a momentary lapse in judgment can prove fatal unless you are willing to make a supreme effort to go outside your comfort zone…Highly Recommended."


CCBC Best Books, commended  CA  2012


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