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Seven (the series) bundle
Edited by:
Selling Points: adventure, family, coming-of-age
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Oct/10/2012
Pages: 1728
Fiction Ages 10-15
Price:  $59.95
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When David McLean, well-loved grandfather and avid adventurer, dies, he leaves behind an unusual will that outlines sevens tasks he has set for his seven grandsons.

Eric Walters, John Wilson, Ted Staunton, Richard Scrimger, Norah McClintock, Sigmund Brouwer and Shane Peacock bring their signature writing styles to a series of adventures that take readers from the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

These linked YA novels can be read in any order. Discover all 7 books in this display rack:
Between Heaven and Earth
Lost Cause
Jump Cut
Ink Me
Close to the Heel
Devil’s Pass
Last Message
CM Magazine - September 7, 2012
"The great part about this series is that the books can be read in any order as the stories happen simultaneously and separately from one another, while still being linked...This series is going to be very popular with older elementary and younger high-school audiences, particularly boys...The 'Seven' series is a must-purchase for public and school libraries that are looking to add more action and adventure stories to their collections for older children and teens."
CanLit for Little Canadians blog - February 7, 2012
"Readers can look forward to Richard Scrimger's sense of humour, Norah McClintock's sense of mystery, John Wilson's take on history, Shane Peacock's dark plotting, Eric Walters' character-building challenges, Ted Staunton's musicality, and Sigmund Brouwer's problem-solving strategies to enrich the tales. Definitely a series for all readers."


YALSA Quick Picks, short-listed  US  2013

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Seven grandsons
Seven journeys
Seven authors
One amazing series

Key Features:
Seven linked stories
Compelling characters
Best-selling authors
Can be read in any order
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The Seven Prequels Boxed Set
Seven (the series) Bundle
The Seven Sequels Bundle

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