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Something Suspicious in Saskatchewan
By author: Dayle Campbell Gaetz
Selling Points: "Mystery, farming, prairies"
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Sep/01/2006
Pages: 208
Fiction Ages 8-12
Price:  $7.95
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At last it stopped. Everything stopped. No movement. No sound. Only smell. The truck cab filled with the dry smell of dust and the stomach-churning stench of gas.
Everything was hazy, seen through a blanket of dust and smoke. "Rusty?" Katie said, "You okay?"
"Uh, yeah, I think so. We gotta get out of here."
Katie undid her seatbelt. "Emily?"
There was no answer.

Katie and Rusty are heading East. Fresh from their thrilling adventures in Alberta, facing down devious developers, the cousins have made their way to Aunt Margaret's farm in Saskatchewan. After rescuing her aunt when she is trapped under a piece of farm equipment and learning of other acts of possible sabotage, Katie decides that she has found another mystery to solve. Puzzled by the changes they notice in their cousin Megan, and alarmed by a series of threatening phone calls, Katie and Rusty embark on another adventure. With no shortage of suspects—from Cousin Megan to the jilted boyfriend and the controlling farmhand—the two detectives find themselves in deeper than they thought and are soon in real danger.
Canadian Book Review Annual - June 1, 2008
"Sure to entertain young readers....Recommended."
Resource Links - February 1, 2007
rated "Good"
CM Magazine - January 1, 2007
"An excellent addition to a school, public or personal library├ľan interesting story [with] details provided to keep the reader's interest. Highly recommended."

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