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Somewhere I Belong
By author: Glenna Jenkins
Selling Points: baseball, Babe Ruth, Depression (era), Boston, New England, Prince Edward Island, belonging, identity, family, farm life (lifestyle)
Publisher: Acorn Press
Pub Date: Sep/01/2015
Pages: 256
Fiction Ages 12-16
Price:  $12.95
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Meet P.J. Kavanaugh. His father has died, the Depression is on, and his mother is moving them from Boston “back home” to the country. The winter is harsh, the farm chores endless, and his teacher a drunken bully. He wants to go home.

A letter arrives announcing a Babe Ruth charity baseball game in Boston, but Ma won’t let him go. But after an accident on the farm, Ma changes her mind. P.J. travels to Boston, sees his friends and watches Babe Ruth hit a home run, but his eagerness to return to the country makes him wonder where he really belongs.

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