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Step Outside
Illustrated by: Doretta Groenendyk
Selling Points: "healthy living, physical activity, sports, poetry, nature, family, health, outdoors"
Publisher: Acorn Press
Pub Date: Mar/15/2014
Pages: 24
Picture Book
Price:  $19.95
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Doretta Groenendyk's new book, Step Outside, promotes the valuable goal of relating to one another and the natural environment in a creative and enchanted way. Childhood obesity and addiction to electronics are concerns that need to be addressed. Step Outside is an artistic approach to inspiring movement, strengthening family bonds, generating memories and celebrating the outdoors. It also visually enriches readers' repertoires with enticing original collaged, watercolor and acrylic creations. A beautiful combination of sport, art, poetry, nature and family, Step Outside is sure to get you off your chair and enjoying the outdoors.
Resource Links - April 1, 2014
"This delightful picture book celebrates for children the invigorating and important experience of being outside...The artwork is superb, combining watercolour and acrylic paintings with appealing collage...Each brightly coloured illustration conveys humour, energy and enthusiasm about the activity portrayed, encouraging the reader to be outdoors. This text should promote some interesting classroom discussion and would also provide a good resource for art projects."
CM Magazine - February 21, 2014
"Gronendyk's picture book certainly has a strong visual appeal, and it could prove a useful stimulus for discussions on independence and adventures outside the house with 5 to 8-year-olds."

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