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TJ and the Haunted House
By author: Hazel Hutchins
Selling Points: "Haunted houses, cats, humor"
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Jan/01/2003
Pages: 112
Fiction Ages 8-11
Price:  $4.99
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Kittens have tiny claws, but they're really, really sharp. Seymour was making YEOWCH faces even though he was trying not to flail around and hurt either of them. I lifted Alaska from his back and set her on the floor. T-Rex came over to check out what was happening. That's when they noticed the spare room.

It was weird how it happened. They just turned around and kind of froze in one spot. They sat down. They stared into the spare room.

"Hey," said Seymour. "Neat!"

"Neat what?" I asked.

"They're watching the ghost."

In this sequel to TJ and the Cats, TJ and his best friend Seymour are back, joined by a classmate Amanda. TJ does not believe in ghosts, so when he agrees to create a haunted house in his own home as a fundraiser, he does not anticipate problems, at least not until it turns out that a ghost may inhabit the spare room in his century-old house. The ghost, real or imagined, leads TJ to some fascinating family history. TJ finds a way to bring that history alive for his family. The kittens, offspring of two of the cats from the first book, lead the way.

TJ and the Haunted House is the second of five books in a series.
Book one is TJ and the Cats.
Book three is TJ and the Rockets.
Book four is TJ and the Sports Fanatic.
Book five is TJ and the Quiz Kids.


CCBC Our Choice, commended  CA  2004
Silver Birch nominee, short-listed  CA  2004


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