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The Bug House Family Restaurant
By author: Beverley Brenna   Illustrated by: Marc Mongeau
Selling Points: bugs, humor, poetry
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Pub Date: Feb/15/2014
Pages: 64
Picture Book
Price:  $12.95
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If you think you’re going buggy eating burgers and fries
Same old ice-cream, same old pies…

We’ll seat you, and we’ll treat you to wild cuisine!
We’ve the best bug platters you’ve ever seen!

If you crave a beetle, an ant or a fly,
The Bug House is the place that’ll satisfy.

The Bug House Family Restaurant serves up a delightful platter of poems featuring all kinds of creepy crawlers prepared by the finest chefs. Try our mosquito steak and order a Centipede-Ade to wash it down. How about our chocolate-covered ants for dessert?
Kirkus Reviews - February 15, 2014
"Brenna’s lyrics are short, regular of meter and rhyme scheme and more easily digestible than most of the food...Tasty and, as bugs show signs of becoming even more common menu items in the near future, timely too."
Resource Links - February 1, 2014
"The illustrations are as zany as the poems and will delight readers and listeners."
CM Magazine - January 31, 2014
"[Mongeau's] illustrations help evoke the imagination and may elicit a few 'eeeeewwwws' and lots of laughs...Ths book would be excellent to use in a classroom as the content is engaging and offers a variety of examples of what a poem can look like.Hihly Recommended."
Winnipeg Free Press - December 10, 2013
"Brenna has written a hilarious book of poetry...Mongeau adds to the fun of the book with humorous black-and white illustrations."

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