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The Circle Cast
The Lost Years of Morgan Le Fey
By author: Alex Epstein
Selling Points: Growing up, love, magic, revenge, Arthurian legend
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Pub Date: Aug/01/2011
Pages: 304
Fiction Ages 13+
Price:  $12.95
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Morgan le Fay was a sorceress, seducer of King Arthur and destroyer of Britain. As Morgan comes of age, she discovers her own magical powers. One day she falls in love with a young Irish chieftain. But will her drive for revenge destroy her chance for love and happiness?
The British Fantasy Society - August 6, 2011
"[Epstein] skilfully weav[es] together a blend of magic, legend and history to give a very convincing picture of Britain in the Dark Ages...There is plenty of dramatic action and unexpected twists. The ending in particular gives the impression that there will be more to follow and I would certainly want to read on."
Historical Novels Society - August 1, 2011
"Epstein skillfully blends the coming-of-age, the fairy, the revenge, and the legend. Through the poetry of Epstein's writing, I could feel the power of the old magic that Morgan evokes when she goes 'between the worlds,' and I could taste the salt sea air as she sails between her two lands... Fans of Arthurian legend will love this book, and so will everyone else. Great characters, great writing, great story."
Midwest Book Review - July 1, 2011
"An excellent work of Arthurian fantasy, highly recommended."
The East Hampton Star - June 22, 2011
"This blend of the ancient and the modern works seamlessly in Mr. Epstein's retelling, all of it linked by the deep connection we feel to the character of Morgan...Those with a longstanding love of Arthuriana are sure to take pleasure in this new vision of Morgan, and those who are new to it will no doubt be drawn into the pleasures of this multivoiced literature after reading The Circle Cast."
The School Librarian - June 22, 2011
"A sophisticated, stylishly written novel for the mature reader...This is a most impressive book...The book's descriptive passages are a joy to read, often more akin to poetry than prose and teachers might well wish to focus on the writer's techniques from the title itself to the use of repetition and of the simple, very short, very effective sentences."
Resource Links - June 1, 2011
"Rife with adventure and drama and magic."
CM Magazine - February 11, 2011
"Epstein's writing is hypnotic."
The Toronto Star - December 4, 2010
"This has the darkness of Celtic magic—not fanciful, period romance—and a poetic terseness that suits its stern, passionate hero."


UK Historical Novels Society Editor's Choice, commended  US  2011
Quebec Writer's Federation Prize nominee, short-listed  CA  2011

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