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The Comic Book War
By author: Jacqueline Guest
Selling Points: meteorites, superheroes, comic books, World War II
Publisher: Coteau Books
Pub Date: May/01/2014
Pages: 240
Fiction Ages 13+
Price:  $12.95
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It’s 1943 when Robert Tourond sees a meteorite fall to earth and is convinced something supernatural has happened—in his comic books, all his heroes have meteorites in their story lines. He sees more proof of a cosmic connection when the story lines mirror what is happening to his brothers, who are fighting overseas.

Robert knows that each superhero is a guardian to one of his brothers, and this mystical protection will only work if he continues to buy each edition of the comic. He is frantic to find a way to ensure that the comic-book connection continues, and more frantic still when one of his comic-book heroes is shot down.

Luckily, with the help of the French Resistance, that hero manages to get back to England, so when a telegram arrives at Robert’s house with news that his brother George has been shot down over France, Robert’s not worried. But lives may be changed forever, and Robert may be forced to face the future with hard evidence about the comic-book connection. Robert has to question if he can still believe in his comic-book war.
Resource Links - October 1, 2014
"Rare to [find] a novel this well-knit and put together...Would be great in a classroom studying the Second World War or what life was like in Canada in the 1940s."

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