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The Holocaust Remembrance Series Teacher Resource - Digital Edition
By author: Shawntelle Nesbitt
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pub Date: Oct/01/2014
Pages: 658
Nonfiction Ages 8-14
Price:  $89.95
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This comprehensive teacher resource is designed to accompany the books in the Holocaust Remembrance Series for Young Readers from Second Story Press. PDF-based and fully adapted for a digital environment, this resource can be integrated into everyday junior level classroom programming for language skills, arts, social studies, character education and other curriculum. It can also be used in intermediate and senior level classrooms. While the Holocaust is used as the main case history, the material can be applied to other case histories, books, and texts that address local, national or global social justice issues. This digital edition contains an extensive index hyperlinked to dozens of activities, allowing the user to easily navigate between sections. The guide can be used to quickly pull out a lesson on a topic like Discrimination or The UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child, or it can be used to teach entire units.

Guide Includes:

  • Historical maps and timelines
  • High-resolution historical photographs
  • Book excerpts with audio narration
  • Glossary 
  • Interactive student worksheets and assessment materials

How the guide is organized:
The digital edition is actually a package of materials, consisting of a single “master” PDF document with multiple activities, along with a large set of supplemental student materials that are required for the activities. The package has been designed for use by the teacher on a desktop computer, with the intention that individual supplemental materials are provided to students as printouts on paper, or shared via upload to a tablet/laptop/mobile device.

  • The master PDF has over 100 activities. The supplemental materials are individual PDFs organized in sub-folders:
  • Work Pages - Documents for students to complete written work (can be printed and/or filled in on digital device) (107 in total)
  • Resource Pages - Photographs, book excerpts (which include audio), official documents, quotes (77 in total)
  • Historical Reference Materials - Timelines, maps, photographs, text descriptions (24 in total)
  • Assessment Materials - Various assessment matrixes for both teacher and student use (9 in total)


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