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Who's a Scaredy Cat
By author: Joan Payzant
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Pub Date: Jun/01/2005
Pages: 85
Fiction Ages 9-12
Price:  $11.95
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Flossie Wright is a prankster, taking pleasure in practical jokes. Isobel Morton, whose father is listed as missing in the war, dislikes Flossie's jokes, and is ridiculed by the other girl. Although Isobel knows she is a not a "scaredycat" Flossie's jibes still hurt. Isobel proves her bravery and wins Flossie's friendship in the terrible days that follow the Halifax explosion. Who's a Scaredy Cat? deals with two serious subjects—war and a major civil disaster. Although the pain and distress of these events are portrayed realistically, the novel is really about hope, courage and the ability of people to carry on. The historical detail is woven into the story masterfully, and is brought to life in Marijke Simons' illustrations. The setting is vivid, the characters realistic and likeable. Children today will be able to relate to both the place and the people. Who's a Scaredy-Cat? is an enjoyable, historically detailed novel.

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