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Yetsa's Sweater
By author: Sylvia Olsen   Illustrated by: Joan Larson
Selling Points: "Cowichan sweaters, family"
Publisher: Sono Nis Press
Pub Date: Mar/01/2013
Pages: 40
Picture Book
Price:  $9.95
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"What are you knitting into this sweater, Grandma?" Yetsa asks.

Grandma smiles. "Flowers. Fish and waves. Woolly clouds, and blackberries."

On a fresh spring day, young Yetsa, her mother and her grandmother gather to prepare the sheep fleeces piled in Grandma's yard. As they clean, wash and dry the fleece, laughter and hard work connect the three generations. Through Yetsa's sensual experience of each task, the reader joins this family in an old but vibrant tradition: the creation of Cowichan sweaters. Each sweater is unique, and its design tells a story. In Yetsa's Sweater, that story is one of love, welcome and pride in a job well done.

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