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Orca is a publisher of high quality, award-winning books for children and teens and reluctant readers of all ages. From beautifully illustrated picture books through captivating juvenile fiction and compelling novels for teen readers to professionally-written teachers' guides, Orca is dedicated to bringing the best possible books to young readers.

YA Fiction:

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Eco-Diary of Kiran Singer

Qty:  Add Eco-Diary of Kiran Singer to Cart
By author: Sue Ann Alderson
ISBN: 9781896580470
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Pages: 88
Price:  $15.95
Eco-Diary of Kiran Singer

Qty:  Add Escalate to Cart
By author: Sigmund Brouwer
ISBN: 9781459814844
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 160
Price:  $9.95
In this installment of the high-interest Retribution series for teen readers, Jace tracks down his birth family.
Escape Velocity

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By author: Robin Stevenson
ISBN: 9781554698660
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 240
Price:  $12.95
Forced to live with the mother who abandoned her at birth, Lou goes looking for truth in her mother's fiction.
Escape Velocity

Qty:  Add Exposed to Cart
By author: Judith Graves
ISBN: 9781459807228
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 144
Price:  $9.95
Stealing cars to get by and pay her debts, Raven excels at urban climbing and takes pride in her job—until she is forced to take sides and bring down a car-theft ring in this fast-paced entry in the Retribution trilogy.
Face Off

Qty:  Add Face Off to Cart
By author: Maureen Ulrich
ISBN: 9781550504521
Publisher: Coteau Books
Pages: 272
Price:  $12.95
Jessie McIntyre, the star of Maureen Ulrich's Power Plays tackles another year of girls hockey, high school and some tricky boy-girl relationships, all in one year.
Face Off

Qty:  Add Feral to Cart
By author: Bev Cooke
ISBN: 9781551437477
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Lexile Level: 740
Pages: 208
Price:  $9.95
A street kid and a small cat experience fear, hunger and pain in a dangerous subterranean world.
Fire Starters

Qty:  Add Fire Starters to Cart
By author: Jennifer Storm   Illustrated by: Scott B. Henderson
ISBN: 9781553796855
Publisher: Portage & Main
Pages: 56
Price:  $18.95
This graphic novel for teen readers examines the importance of truth.
Fire Starters

Qty:  Add Fishtailing to Cart
By author: Wendy Phillips
ISBN: 9781550504118
Publisher: Coteau Books
Pages: 200
Price:  $14.95
Teen violence, bullying and the burning quest to fit in are presented in the poems of four unforgettable high school students.
Five Minutes More

Qty:  Add Five Minutes More to Cart
By author: Darlene Ryan
ISBN: 9781554690060
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 224
Price:  $12.95
After D'Arcy's father dies, she struggles to come to terms with the fact that he committed suicide.
Five Minutes More

Qty:  Add Fixed to Cart
By author: Beth Goobie
ISBN: 9781551433745
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 294
Price:  $16.95
In this sequel to Flux, Nellie Joanne Kinnan meets the twin sister she didn't know she had. Together they discover that much of what they had been taught to believe is not true and that one of them is destined to play a critical role in maintaining this deception.

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