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Perfect for reluctant readers ages 10 and up, the Orca Sports titles offer exciting, easy-to-read adventures in team sports such as hockey, baseball, football and soccer; and solo sports such as climbing, scuba diving, running, sailing, and even race-car driving.

Orca Sports:

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Two Foot Punch

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By author: Anita Daher
ISBN: 9781551438764
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Lexile Level: HL570L
Pages: 176
Price:  $9.95
Jesse blames her brother for their parents' death in a house fire, but when he gets involved with a gang, Jesse knows she is the only one who can save him.
Two Foot Punch

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By author: M.J. McIsaac
ISBN: 9781459804166
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 192
Price:  $9.95
Nick is determined to clear his brother’s name when a vicious rumor jeopardizes Markus's lacrosse scholarship.

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By author: Nikki Tate
ISBN: 9781554690718
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Lexile Level: HL680L
Pages: 176
Price:  $9.95
Spencer is sure someone is doping the racehorses at the stable where he works, but no one will listen to him until he gets some proof.
Winter Hawk Star

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By author: Sigmund Brouwer
ISBN: 9781551438696
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Lexile Level: HL660L
Pages: 160
Price:  $9.95
When Tyler and his obnoxious teammate, Riley, are sent to volunteer at a youth program, Tyler finds the strength and passion that allows him to step up his game on the ice.
Winter Hawk Star

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