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Orca is a publisher of high quality, award-winning books for children and teens and reluctant readers of all ages. From beautifully illustrated picture books through captivating juvenile fiction and compelling novels for teen readers to professionally-written teachers' guides, Orca is dedicated to bringing the best possible books to young readers.

YA Nonfiction:

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Simon Says Gold

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By authors: Simon Whitfield, Cleve Dheensaw
ISBN: 9781554691418
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Lexile Level: 1020L
Pages: 128
Price:  $14.00
Autobiography of Simon Whitfield, triathlon's first Olympic gold medalist.
Simon Says Gold
Spirit of the Wild

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By author: Dawn Sprung   Illustrated by: Erica Neumann
ISBN: 9781772031157
Publisher: Heritage House Publishing
Pages: 56
Price:  $16.95
A one-of-a kind colouring book for wildlife lovers, featuring twenty-five iconic animals, original artwork and poetry.
Spirit of the Wild
Susanna Moodie

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By authors: Carol Shields, Patrick Crowe   Illustrated by: Selena Goulding
ISBN: 9781772600032
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 144
Price:  $22.95
A graphic novel illuminating Canadian pioneer history and the life of one of Canada’s earliest female writers, Susanna Moodie.
Susanna Moodie

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By author: Monique Gray Smith
ISBN: 9781550392098
Publisher: Sono Nis Press
Pages: 208
Price:  $19.95
Tilly's message is powerful and universal: when we know and honor ourselves, we are capable of deep healing and of achieving what our hearts most desire.
To Look a Nazi in the Eye

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By authors: Kathy Kacer, Jordana Lebowitz
ISBN: 9781772600407
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 256
Price:  $13.95
This nonfiction book for middle-grade readers tells the true story of nineteen-year-old Jordana Lebowitz's time in Germany, where she went to witness the trial of Oskar Groening, known as the bookkeeper of Auschwitz, a man charged with being complicit in the death of more than 300,000 Jews.
To Look a Nazi in the Eye
We Want You to Know

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By author: Deborah Ellis
ISBN: 9781550504637
Publisher: Coteau Books
Pages: 120
Price:  $14.95
Children's author Deborah Ellis asked students from the ages of nine to nineteen to talk about their experiences with bullying. The results are thoughtful, candid and often harrowing accounts of "business as usual" in and around today's schools.
We Want You to Know
When Elephants Fight

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By author: Eric Walters   Other primary creator: Adrian Bradbury
ISBN: 9781554693559
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Lexile Level: 1130L
Pages: 96
Price:  $16.95
The Lives of Children in Conflict in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Uganda. Portraits of five children victims of conflict, including regional history, maps and the causes and results of the conflict.
When Elephants Fight

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