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Linda Smith

Linda Smith loved Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books when she was growing up on the prairies, and regularly pretended that she was a pioneer. Linda's published titles include Windshifter, Sea Change, The Turning Time, Sir Cassie to the Rescue, The Minstrel's Daughter, Talisa's Song, The Weathermage, Kelly's Cabin, and The Broken Thread.

Titles by Linda Smith

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Kelly's Cabin
By author: Linda Smith   Illustrated by: Zorica Krasulja
ISBN: 9781551434087
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 64
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $6.95

Even a cardboard box can be a private (and magical) place.
The Broken Thread
By author: Linda Smith
ISBN: 9781550503982
Publisher: Coteau Books
Pages: 248
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $12.95

The Piper of Shadonia
By author: Linda Smith
ISBN: 9781550505160
Publisher: Coteau Books
Pages: 352
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $14.95

Tobin holds the fate of Shadonia in his hands when he discovers his unexpected power, which is drawn from the ancient world itself.

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