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Hélène Boudreau

Hélène Boudreau is an Acadian writer and artist. A native of Isle Madame, Nova Scotia, she writes fiction and non-fiction for children and young adults from her home in Ontario. Her writing has appeared in various publications.This is her debut novel.

Titles by Hélène Boudreau

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Acadian Star
By author: Hélène Boudreau
ISBN: 9781551096827
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Pages: 136
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $10.95

A young girl's perspective on the Acadian Deportation.
Evangeline for Young Readers
By author: Hélène Boudreau   Illustrated by: Patsy MacKinnon
ISBN: 9781771080101
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Pages: 40
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $11.95

A vital interpretation for children of this classic poem.
Water Hazard
By author: Hélène Boudreau   Illustrated by: Jeffrey C. Domm
ISBN: 9781551098289
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Pages: 96
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $8.95

An exciting and action-packed book for young readers.

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