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Creative Time-Management
Pages: 176
Publisher: Polestar Calendars
Pub Date: 01/Jun/2021
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Your life is more than just your work, and this creative business agenda helps you organize all aspects of your life. The Polestar Business Agenda features a unique design that combines all of the essential features of a business planner with ample room to plan your personal life as well.

Features include:
  • Weekly page spreads with lots of room to write in
  • Unique three-part time-management system
  • Practical inside-front & back-cover pockets
  • Reference section includes monthly expense pages, note and address pages, yearly planning calendars
  • Large two-page monthly planning calendars
  • Premium cream-colored paper stock
  • Perforated corners to keep your place
  • Great thought-provoking and contemporary weekly quotes
  • This green business agenda is printed on 100% post-consumer recycled text paper, FSC certified

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