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Organize - Coordinate - Simplify
Pages: 168
Publisher: Polestar Calendars Ltd.
Pub Date: 01/Jun/2021
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Organize, coordinate and simplify with this bestselling family planner and home-management system! For more than 30 years, this award-winning agenda has proven indispensable for many thousands of busy families. It provides a flexible, spacious format for recording the entire family’s daily activities.

Features include:
  • Spacious three-part daily planning guide
  • Ample space for To Do and To Buy lists, family profiles, meal planning, items loaned and borrowed, and storage records
  • Large two-page monthly planning calendars
  • Extensive reference and notes section, plus tear-out shopping lists
  • Inspiring and encouraging weekly quotes — over 50% from women!
  • Handy inside-back-cover storage pocket
  • Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled text paper, FSC certified
  • Over 1 million copies sold!

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