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Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 186
Themes: Second World War, Holland
Publisher: Sono Nis Press
Pub Date: 01/Apr/2009
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When Jan is seven, Nazis attack and take over Holland. At first, not much changes. Soon, though, war starts taking things away: important things like neighbors and friends, trust and respect, even clothing, fuel and food. Through it all, Jan is still a boy, finding ways to play with friends and paddle his sailing canoe in the canals. But he must also filch food and help protect his father's "guests" from the enemy. Then the enemy takes his father away. Jan and his mother are on the run. They dodge bombs, sleep in haystacks, work for their food... all the while desperately searching for refuge and hoping for normal life—and Pa—to someday, somehow, return.

Jan de Groot was born in 1932 in The Hague, Holland, and now lives in Langley, British Columbia. He regularly contributes articles to boating magazines, and he writes for De Krant, a Dutch newspaper distributed throughout the world.

CM Magazine
"This memoir is filled with delightful accounts of boyhood activities like playing marbles, stealing food from a nearby farm accessed by canoe, and attending school with colourful classmates...Highly Recommended."
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"[Will] be fascinating for olders teens to see that despite the war, childhood activities continued as parents tried to maintain as normal a life as possible for their children."

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