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Baby Board Book
Pages: 26
Themes: cats, kittens, cat breeds, hint-and-reveal, carnivals, babies, toddlers
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Sep/2015
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There’s a purrrfect little carnival coming to town, filled with adorable cats of all different kinds! In this hint-and-reveal board book, babies, toddlers and cat-lovers alike will enjoy discovering (and guessing) what breed of cat is hiding on the next page. With playful rhyming text from award-winning author Charles Ghigna, aka Father Goose®, and beautiful illustrations by celebrated artist Kristi Bridgeman, this exuberant board book will have everyone guessing what cat is that!

Unleashing Readers blog - December 11, 2015
"Ever since we received this book, Henry has wanted to read it every night...Each page features different appearances, names, and behaviors of cats. I was surprised at how much I learned! We’ve been practicing the different types of cats, so he will be better able to identify his feline friends. I’d highly recommend this board book. It is quite fun to read, and every night, I look forward to reading it...This book will be a wonderful read aloud in an early childhood classroom. There are opportunities for comparing and contrasting, rhyming, and cross-curricular elements by talking about different breeds of cats."
Kirkus Reviews, Starred - October 15, 2015
"The artwork, created with sepia ink, watercolor, and wax resist on paper, offers lovely, detailed pictures of all the felines frolicking about in carnival settings...No doubt preschoolers will enjoy learning about the various breeds of cat, but it's the whimsical illustrations that really make this one something to purr about."
January Magazine - August 26, 2015
"A charming pet tale...Beautiful illustrations are sure to enchant even the youngest reader. If you’re looking for a book that can be read, enjoyed, [and] chewed upon...A Carnival of Cats is sure to delight."
Publishers Weekly - August 3, 2015
"Ghigna and Bridgeman offer a rhyming guessing game featuring 10 cats, set against the festive atmosphere of a carnival. Pennants, balloons, lanterns, and confetti adorn Bridgeman’s mixed-media illustrations, while readers can turn the pages to complete Ghigna’s playful rhymes...Bridgeman’s wide-eyed cats can initially be spied peeking through small square frames; page turns reveal them displaying their circus-worthy talents. Cat lovers of any age should be delighted."
CM Magazine - June 5, 2015
"From its alliterative title to the closing surprise, A Carnival of Cats is a fun, informative read. Highly Recommended."
Resource Links - June 1, 2015
"This would be a great book to pair with a non-fiction book about cat breeds."


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