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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 0
Themes: Christmas, Great Depression, Community
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Pub Date: 01/Sep/2012
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Dot's family is having a hard time. Her father has work, but her mother is terribly sick, and there is barely enough to make ends meet—and definitely not enough money for a lot of presents this Christmas. In the window of the town's drugstore, Dot sees a beautiful dollhouse that is being raffled away. But her family doesn't even have a dollar to spend there so she can enter the contest.
A Christmas Dollhouse is about hope in the face of hardship and about communities gathering close and taking care of each other. Set in Nova Scotia during the Great Depression, this is a story that will appeal to anyone who believes in the magic of Christmas.

CM Magazine - May 4, 2012
"The text is smooth and fluent, and the illustrations are beautiful and evocative of the period. The story gives a wonderful sense of a tightly knit and generous small community, a place we might all wish to live. Highly Recommended."

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