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Adult Nonfiction
Pages: 304
Publisher: The Azrieli Foundation
Pub Date: 01/Jun/2009
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Separated from her family, with even her husband having already escaped into the woods, Bronia and her three-year-old daughter, Lucy, wonder how they will survive each day. It is 1942, the height of Nazi persecution in Poland. Do they hide in their hometown or do they search for their family in the nearby ghetto? Starving and exhausted, Bronia does not know who they can trust when all of their old friends and neighbours are either collaborating with the Nazis or too terrified for their own lives to offer assistance. When they finally find help, a cold, dark cellar becomes both their haven and prison. A Part of Me is the harrowing story of how a mother and daughter make it through the war, one pivotal decision at a time.

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