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Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 312
Themes: hockey, girls in sports, hidden identity
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pub Date: 15/Oct/2014
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In 1955, girls who played hockey were rare, and there was no chance for them to play on a boy's team. But Abby Hoffman loves to play hockey, just like her big brothers. So much so that she manages to bluff her way onto a boy’s team. With her short hair and using the name “Ab” Hoffman she can almost pass for one of the boys… But when her secret is revealed, she will have to fight very powerful people for the right to keep playing with her team. Based on the true story of Abby Hoffman, whose determination and courage paved the way for girls to play hockey. She went on to become an Olympic track star and the first female elected to the Executive of the Canadian Olympic Committee.

CM Magazine
"The pace of the story flows smoothly... While the story focuses on the gender restriction which prohibits Abby from openly participating in the boy’s hockey league, readers are also exposed to other areas of 1950’s culture that were male dominated. Recommended."

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