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Dramatic Play in the Early Years
By (author): Elizabeth Coffman
ISBN: 9781551383071
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 96
Price: $24.95
Dying to Please You
ISBN: 9781926886466
Publisher: Theytus Books Ltd.
Pages: 220
Price: $32.95
E/96: Fate Undecided
By (author): Paul-Henri Rips
ISBN: 9781897470091
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 176
Price: $14.95
"'Don't move. Don't open the door.' My knees had turned to jelly and I was trembling uncontrollably. Sina grabbed her raincoat and declared, 'I'm leaving. They'll be back and I don't want to end up in a camp.'"
Epic Game
By (author): William Kowalski
ISBN: 9781459810495
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 144
Price: $9.95
Kat is a tough, independent woman who makes her living as a professional poker player in this work of fiction.
Escape from the Edge
By (author): Morris Schnitzer
ISBN: 9781989719114
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 192
Price: $14.95
A memoir of a German Jewish teenager who takes on three different identities and crosses countless borders to escape death at the hands of the Nazis during World War II.
Evil Behind That Door
By (author): Barbara Fradkin
ISBN: 9781459801004
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 128
Price: $9.95
Handyman Cedric O'Toole sets out to uncover the chilling secret locked behind the boarded-up cellar door at the farmhouse of his old school nemesis.
Exploding the Reading
By (author): David Booth
ISBN: 9781551382999
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 160
Price: $24.95
Building a world of responses from one story: 50 interactive strategies for increasing comprehension.
Fit to Kill
By (author): James Heneghan
ISBN: 9781554699070
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 144
Price: $9.95
A journalist finds himself in the midst of the hunt for a brutal serial killer who is murdering women in Vancouver's West End.
Flights of Spirit
By (author): Elly Gotz
ISBN: 9781988065441
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 240
Price: $14.95
A Holocaust memoir about surviving the notorious Dachau concentration camp. For everyone because these stories need to be remembered.
Fostering Mindfulness
By (author): Shelley Murphy
ISBN: 9781551383408
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 168
Price: $24.95
An essential guide to mindfulness activities and strategies that build skills students need to manage their attention, emotions, and behavior in classrooms, and beyond.
Freewriting with Purpose
By (author): Karen Filewych
ISBN: 9781551383392
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 144
Price: $24.95
Simple classroom techniques to help students make connections, think critically, and construct meaning.
From Loss to Liberation
By (author): Joseph Tomasov
ISBN: 9781988065267
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 216
Price: $14.95
After being sent to a forced labour camp, Joe escapes and joins the Slovak resistance, fighting to free his country from the Nazi invaders.
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