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Finding Edward
By (author): Sheila Murray
ISBN: 9781770866263
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 320
Price: $24.95
After migrating to Canada, Cyril Rowntree navigates the implications of being racialized in his new land as he pieces together the story of a mixed-race baby from the 1920s named Edward.
Cover Art
By (author): Vanessa Westermann
ISBN: 9781770866423
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 440
Price: $24.95
Charley Scott is thrilled to be running a summer pop-up gallery in cottage country. But when her friend’s husband is found dead, the investigation threatens the gallery’s opening.
Mud Lilies
By (author): Indra Ramayan
ISBN: 9781770866409
Pages: 0
Price: $24.95
The Lost Expert
By (author): Hal Niedzviecki
ISBN: 9781770866348
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 392
Price: $24.95
After being mistaken for the lead actor on the set of a Hollywood film, Chris assumes the identity of the actor and disconnects from his real life. Falling deeply into his newfound identity, he must grapple with his role as an imposter and whether he should extricate himself from reinvention.
The Troupers
By (author): Richard Scarsbrook
ISBN: 9781770866300
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 224
Price: $24.95
Under their father’s watchful eye, the Trouper quintuplets were raised to be the best actors of their generation, only to rebel during a performance on their 18th birthday and go their separate ways. Twenty years later, the siblings reunite for the reading of their father’s will and one last performance.
Water Proof
By (author): Aaron Bushkowsky
ISBN: 9781770866362
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 320
Price: $24.95
When Andy's lover—his wife's best friend—goes missing on a kayaking trip, he steals a memory card with evidence to keep his secret from being exposed. The memory card is then stolen from him, and in his attempts to recover it he is led further than ever from his wife, testing the breaking point of their marriage.
The Detective and the Spy
By (author): Angela Misri
ISBN: 9781770865808
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 232
Price: $22.95
Consulting detective and heir to Holmes and Watson, Portia Adams is on the run, under suspicion for the explosion that caused her to lose her hearing and speech, as the real bomber continues to wreak havoc all over 1932 London.
Chasing Painted Horses
By (author): Drew Hayden Taylor
ISBN: 9781770866089
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 288
Price: $22.95
The image of an incredibly beautiful horse, drawn by a small, fragile girl on the reserve, haunts Ralph into adulthood, until he encounters it a second time and is moved to finally figure out its significance.
The Infinite Park
By (author): Peter Unwin
ISBN: 9781770866065
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 96
Price: $18.95
A poetry collection that maps the process of coming undone and putting it all back together again in an exploration of daily life.
Who We Thought We Were As We Fell
By (author): Michael Lithgow
ISBN: 9781770866072
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 72
Price: $18.95
A poetry collection that unearths the unsettling from the mundane, and moves between moments of grief, life and renewal.
A Perfect Likeness
By (author): Richard Wagamese   Foreword by: Waubgeshig Rice
ISBN: 9781459828360
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 224
Price: $19.95
This volume contains two novellas by Richard Wagamese, Him Standing and The Next Sure Thing. Both stories follow the lives of young artists who have dreams for a better future.
The Dogs of Winter
By (author): Ann Lambert
ISBN: 9781772601404
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 328
Price: $19.95
A howling snowstorm envelops the city, and the body of a young woman is discovered in its wake. The only clue to her identity: a photograph in her pocket with the scribbled phone number of Detective Inspector Romeo Leduc. Meanwhile, Marie Russell is trying to help a student at her college who is the victim of a terrible assault.
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